Gaining momentum
2018 Sep 30/ By / 0 comment

The Mental Health Awareness Project has been gaining momentum on social media. It’s a good feeling knowing that we’re already starting to make an impact, and I’m so happy that all of you are a part of this. It’s amazing to see how it has already started bringing people together.

First, I would like to send out a huge thank you to those of you who are helping with our social media channels. It’s immensely appreciated, and you have no idea how much you’re helping.

Laura (@laurajlines), Lyna (@CainKaleyna), Nicole (@purplerecovery), and Carin (@WeTalkMH) have been helping with Facebook and Instagram, and Casey (@CrazyQdilla), Sam (@MaddDawgDailey), and @DissociaDID will be helping with our brand new Youtube channel! They’re very wonderful people, so please be sure to give them a follow on Twitter (and everywhere else, for that matter). 🙂

There have been tons of people who have been tweeting with our hashtag, #MHAP, which is amazing in itself. Just think… I first posted about The Mental Health Awareness Project on September 10, 2018. That was less than a month ago!

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