The 2019 #MHAP calendar is now finalized!
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The Mental Health Awareness Project topic calendar is now finalized!

You can find the calendar here: MHAP Official Calendar

In order to see our events, be sure to scroll over to January 2019, as that is when the events will begin. You will notice that some days may contain no events. A “blank” day means that we don’t have anything specific scheduled that day, but we will still be making posts about something relating to mental health on these days.

There were a few of you who are interested in hosting Twitter chats. When you have some free time, please take a look at the calendar and see what date(s) and time(s) you would like to host it/them. There is no limit to the number of Twitter chats that you can host, and there is no limit to the number of Twitter chats that are hosted per day.

If you see a Twitter chat that has already been scheduled for a day that you would like to host yours, you are still more than welcome to host your own. Everyone has a different voice and a different audience.

When you decide on the day and time of the Twitter chat(s) you would like to host, please DM me on Twitter (@itsnicolecarman) or email them to me at

If you want to host a Twitter chat on something mental health related that you don’t see on the calendar, please let me know and we will work together to see where we can fit it in.

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